Praiano: what to see in one of the most beautiful villages on the Amalfi Coast

Praiano is a town on the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful and spectacular on one side and among those less unfairly known on the other and honestly, I ask myself: why?
If we all know very well where Positano is, we get excited a little as soon as we hear of Amalfi still do not understand why Ravello "Ah, but certainly Ravello" and instead Praiano ... "Praiano, what?". Here, we immediately try to highlight and give the right light to one of the places not to be missed when you visit the Amalfi Coast !


Here the season in which you decide to visit the Amalfi Coast counts.
If you decide to visit Praiano and the Coast in winter, surely the car is the best vehicle. But if you arrive in summer, I would do anything to not move with the car being almost impossible to find where to park it and actually risking not to move anymore because of the traffic along the only path viable.

Where can you leave your car? I recommend the Naples airport parking , which is a great reference point if you have to rent a car to get around, or if you have to leave your car instead to avoid going crazy along the coast. Being a very busy and busy area, it feels safe to leave the car for days.

P raiano: why include it among the things not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast?

Praiano is a town of just over 2000 inhabitants. Here there are 13 churches, some of the fifteenth century, others of the eighteenth century and many frescoes.
Here are the narrow streets, the timeless atmosphere, the size of the modern fishermen's village, the steps that characterize these places and the colors that decorate it.

Praiano started to get noticed by one of the big publishers: the New York Times he himself talked about it, weaving its praises. Here some famous people have decided to put their roots and to see the quiet that you honestly breathe, you do not ask why.

But a great pride of Praiano is the project that has characterized and made it unique in the context of the Amalfi Coast and not only: Naturarte Project. 

Praiano: Natura Arte project

The NaturaArte Project I was told by the creator Roberto Pontecorvo, a young boy prepared on one side, and madly in love with his country on the other.

The idea is (perhaps) simple: to emphasize Praiano, get more interest and turn the spotlight on a country that has everything needed to appear, but remains obscured by the strongest and brightest light of Amalfi and Positano. Honestly, two of the most famous tourist resorts in the world, the competition is difficult.

How can we therefore give Praiano a unique personality? 
Transforming Praiano into an open-air museum. Easy to say, but to do ...

Following a regional call won by this project (very good!), 8 artists were called and they have revitalized the streets of Praiano by creating 8 different itineraries to visit to visit the town.

The result? From 10 and praise. (As are the restaurants of the Amalfi Coast).

How and what to visit in Praiano?

1. 8 itineraries of NaturArte 
Follow one of the 8 itineraries of NaturArte with its 150 works of contemporary art. These works tend to revisit some of the main and traditional characteristics of Praiano, with a modern meaning.

2. Newsagents 
Stop to photograph the 30 newsstands created along the way ... Not only for the value of the kiosk, but for the scenarios that characterize these kiosks.

3. Go see the sunset from Piazza Costantinopoli! 
This place is creepy so it is beautiful and always deserves, but come here when there is sunset I think it is one of those experiences that remain unforgettable and make you think of the wonder of the world. (picture above)

4. The church square overlooking the sea 
A square with the church ... typical of every country, of course. Only here you can see the sea below with this view ...

5. Go up the stairs to the sea 
You go down in an almost vertical way, to say ... Know that then you will notice it for good when you climb and you get to the sea. The outlet on the sea of Praiano is small, which is why it is not as famous as Positano: here you do not have great beaches, but the scenery remains equally impressive.